Simple money for smart people

Every year the banking industry saves $700 billion by taking consumers deposits and paying them microscopic interest rates on both checking and savings accounts

At Unifimoney, we're introducing a unique, all-in-one solution offering a high interest checking account, a credit card, and investment platform - integrating and automating everyday money management - Save, Spend and Invest

So your money works for you and not the bank

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Save Money

A  high-yield checking account that pays, so all of your money is earning high interest all the time.

Spend Better

Market leading cashback on your online and in-app credit and debit spend giving you an automatic discount every time you spend.

Invest Smarter

Passively invest and grow your long-term assets in a highly diversified low-cost fund. Actively trade if you want to.

Make your money work for you not the bank

We can help you save over $100 a month on average compared to conventional big banks

✓ Unifimoney eliminates the hidden costs of banking

✓ You get all the benefits with none of the effort

✓ We're offering an all-in-one solution for a checking account, credit card and investment platform

Save More

✓ Checking account that pays savings levels of interest

✓ All of your money earns high interest all of the time

✓ Fees waived when minimum monthly direct deposits met

✓ All the benefits of a traditional checking account, but with unprecedentedly high interest

Spend Better

✓ Get great cashback on your online and in-app spend

✓ Instant digital issuance

✓ Apple Pay and a Contactless Card

✓ Traditional checkbook option for those old-school moments

Invest Smarter

✓ Effortlessly create a long-term investment fund

✓ Take advantage of our low cost Robo Investment platform and actively trade if you want as well

✓ Make fee-free trades

✓ Automatically invest each time you use your credit or debit card through transaction rounding and cash back in addition to deposit interest and variable monthly contributions


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Frequently Asked Question

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How is Unifimoney different from a conventional bank?

A typical Big Bank will spend billions of dollars on advertising each year and create special acquisition incentives and promotions to attract new customers. They have to because offer very poor value for money by design; the separate accounts and functions make it purposefully complex to manage money efficiently. All these expenses have to be paid for; unfortunately  its the customers that foot the bill through low-interest rates and high fees.

Unifimoney has been created to provide people with a better way to manage their money. We offer a single account that includes everything you need for everyday money management — to Save, Spend and Invest. Unifimoney was created to make optimizing your personal financial management effortless. We help  maximize passive income and savings via deposits and interest, and create long-term financial assets through investment, automatically and by default. Unifimoney makes your money work for you and not the bank.

Why doesn’t my bank do what Unifimoney is doing?

Conventional Big Banks in the US are some of the most profitable companies in the country. A large part of what drives their economics is that they get to use consumers deposits (over $12 trillion) practically for free. The average checking interest pays 0.05% and “savings” account little more at 0.09%. To borrow that money commercially would cost the banks around $700bn a year. Big Banks cannot afford to give consumers that money back; they have too much to lose and it’s in their economic interest to pay consumers as little as possible. Until people start moving their money away from Big Banks which will shift the economic incentive, Big Banks won’t change. Unifimoney has no such limitations. It’s in our economic interest to give members what the Big Banks cannot — better value for money and an experience designed to optimize members’ returns through integration and automation. We do the boring, mundane tasks to make sure you can best manage your personal finances.

How does Unifimoney make money?

A conventional Big Bank keeps over 99% of the money they make from their consumers. In contrast, we give back around 90% of the money we make from our member’s money. We can still be profitable because our costs are a fraction of the costs of the Big Banks. We don’t have expensive real estate to manage, we don’t have hundreds of thousands of employees, and we don’t buy private jets. Our tech is bang up to date so we don’t waste money keeping old tech going and we don’t have to waste money on marketing and deceptive “acquisition incentives”. All the money we save means we can run our business incredibly efficiently and give more back to consumers while being profitable. And our unique tools to optimize passive income on your savings means you make even more.